Somerstep title

We have two main types of performance: sessions and dance displays.
For a session we will usually be indoors, often in a pub. There will be music, some of which we will dance to.
There might be the odd song or two.
People are encouraged to join in with any of this. The more the merrier.
A dance display is a little more formal. These usually take place outdoors in the summer.
We will usually be accompanying another dance team, taking it in turns to perform.
We frequently end the evening by going inside and having a session anyway.

Our current programme is:

20th April 2024

Yeovil Country Park

Dance display

Dancing as part of Earth Day. We're dancing at 3.00pm, but the event runs from 11.00am to 4.00pm

26th April 2024

The Blue Ball

Sandygate, Exeter EX2 7JL


Dancing and music with the Orchard Family from North Devon.